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Name the New Community Centre

Dear Members of the Cornell Community,

It’s time to have your say!

The Town of Markham is asking for suggestions for an official name for the new community centre that will soon be opened in Cornell at the corner of Bur Oak and Church Street. We encourage you to submit your input!

Two months ago, the Town of Markham established a formal policy and process for naming public facilities like this community centre.

This policy states that any new facility name must have any or all of the following qualities:

  • Names should have a direct relationship with the facility location (e.g. connection to location, history of area or site) or be consistent with a theme.
  • Recognize an individual or organization that provides a significant sponsorship or donation.
  • Honor someone who has provided significant contribution

The process states that naming suggestions must be solicited from members of the community.

The Town has announced that they are now ready to receive naming suggestions from the community for our new facility at Bur Oak & Church. The Town has asked that individuals submit naming suggestions by Friday April 27 to They've given the following guidance:

Submission requirements:
1. Suggested name
2. Reasons for suggesting the name
3. Civic/historical/geographic/cultural qualities
4. If named after a person:
a. Biography including description of their contribution to Markham
b. Explanation of why this facility would be appropriate

Submit to:
Commissioner of Community & Fire Services
Markham Civic Centre, 101 Town Centre Blvd
Markham, ON L3R 9W3

Submission deadline: Friday, April 27, 2012
*Read the Facility and Park Naming policy at

Thank you to everyone that signed the petition to name the new community centre at Bur Oak and Church Street "the Cornell Community Centre and Library". In keeping with the naming tradition of the Town's other facilities, such as the Angus Glen, Milliken Mills, Mt Joy, etc., Community Centres, it just makes sense. Cornell is a well-known area of Markham, and as such, is a community that is easily identifiable and located. Keeping "Cornell" in the name of this facility will ensure that the location is accurately conveyed to the residents and patrons. Of course, the CRPA Board will be submitting our petition, which was signed by hundreds, to the Town immediately.

CRPA Board of Directors


Petition to name Cornell’s new Community Centre & Library

East Markham 'Cornell' Community CentreWith the construction of a new community centre and associated library at Bur Oak Avenue and Church Street now underway, it has since come to the attention of the Cornell Rate Payers Association that this structure is currently being referred to as the “East Markham Community Centre and Library”.

In keeping with the naming tradition of the Town’s other community centres such as the Angus Glen, Milliken Mills, Markham Village, Box Grove, and Mount Joy Community Centres, a proposal has been put forth to replace “East Markham” with “Cornell”, with the resulting name being the “Cornell Community Centre and Library”.

In addition, given the rate of growth the Town of Markham has experienced over the years, the phrase “East Markham” is a most ambiguous term for many residents. In contrast, Cornell is a well-known area of Markham, and as such, is a community that is very identifiable and easily located. Renaming the community centre and associated library would therefore ensure that its location is more accurately conveyed to residents of the Town of Markham.

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